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In today's world, it is hard to imagine life without a computer in it. These devices have relatively recently entered human life, firmly taking their place in all spheres of activity and becoming indispensable assistants. We have computers in our offices and at home. It is not uncommon to see the picture that even young children who are just beginning to walk and not yet talk, is already able to perform simple manipulations with this electronic device. The computer has accelerated many technological processes, and it has simplified social communication between people.

But do not forget that no matter how good assistant, no matter how good the computer is, it can cause irreparable harm to human health!

Prolonged and improperly organized work at the computer can increase the risk of developing various diseases of the vision, muscles, joints, internal organs and body systems.

Firstly, because of the work at the computer monitor a person's eyesight suffers. Often, prolonged computer work overstrain eye muscles, a person blinks much less frequently, the cornea does not moisten properly, there are painful sensations in the eyes, it becomes painful to blink, move them, there is burning, or worsens visual clarity and double vision. Almost all people who spend several hours a day in front of a computer without a break are familiar with such a phenomenon.

To avoid problems related to vision, the monitor should be placed no closer than 45 centimeters from the eyes, and the top of the monitor should not be below eye level. The monitor screen should not face the window (to the left). At nighttime, it is impossible to work with a computer where the only source of light is the monitor.

Avoid unpleasant feelings associated with the eyes, you can, if once every half hour to distract your eyes from the screen to do gymnastics for the eyes or at least just blink, look away.

Secondly, although it seems that when working with a computer, the body is quite relaxed, but it is not. Sitting for a long time leads to a cramped posture. Sitting at a computer, a child (or adult) has to look from a certain distance at the screen and simultaneously keep his hands on the keyboard or controls. This forces his or her body to assume a certain position and not change it until the end of the work. The cramped posture causes tension in the neck, head, arm and shoulder muscles, and spinal problems. Often, people who work with a computer for a long time suffer from hand joint disease (so-called tunnel syndrome). This is an occupational disease that formerly haunted typists in editorial offices, and now follows computer operators. When working at a computer, a person's hand has to perform many small movements, gets very tired, and with prolonged work, chronic diseases develop.

In addition, a sedentary lifestyle often leads to obesity.

In order to avoid health problems associated with prolonged stay at the monitor, to sit at the computer should be in the right position, to relieve stress on the spine reclining on the back of a chair every hour to take a break, during which to move, get up, walk, do some simple exercises (squatting, bending forward, running in place, etc.) or at least take the stairs.

Also, the furniture should be properly selected.

A balanced diet rich in vitamins and micronutrients will also not be superfluous.

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